Roll to Roll Label Laser Die Cutting Machine

Model No.: LC-350


  • On-demand production efficiently response orders.
  • No waiting on new dies. No die tooling storage.
  • QR code reader supports automatic changeover on the fly.
  • Modular design to meet customers’ individual needs.


Technical Parameters of LC350 Laser Die Cutting Machine

Main Technical Parameters
Working Area Width 350mm / 13.7″, Length ∞
Speed 0-80m/min (depending on laser power and cut pattern)
Dimension 3010mm (L) X 2000mm (W) X 1820mm (H)
Weight 3000Kg
Consumption 5KW
Power supply 380V 50Hz / 60Hz  three phase
Standard Configuration
Maximum Web Width 350mm / 13.7″
Maximum Web Diameter 600mm / 23.6″
Core 3 inch
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
Tension Control MEROBEL DGT-300 France
Splice Table Automatic Clamp
Web Guide BST
Laser System
Laser Source Sealed CO2 RF metal laser
Laser Power 300W / 600W
Laser Wavelength 10.6 micron
Laser Beam Positioning Galvanometer
Laser Spot Size 210 microns
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust/filter 4 stage filtration and exhaust system
Matrix Removal
Back side slitting
Matrix Rewinding
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
Tension Control Automatic
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft 3 inch
Laminating unit
UV Varnishing unit
Slitting unit

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