Independent Dual Head Leather Laser Cutting Machine for Footwear

Model No.: XBJGHY-160100LD II


  • Two laser heads work independently and cut different graphics simultaneously.
  • A variety of graphic mixed nesting to maximize material utilization.
  • High quality laser perforation, scribing, engraving, cutting at high speed.
  • High processing efficiency.
  • Support automatic feeding and collecting.


Technical Parameters

Model NO. XBJGHY-160100LD
Laser type CODC glass tube
Laser power 150W×2
Working area 1600mm×1000mm
Working table Automatic vacuum conveyor working table
Moving system Servo motor
Power supply AC220V±5%, 50/60Hz
Standard collocation Constant temperature water chiller, exhaust fans, air compressor
Optional configuration Filtration device, auto feeder, CORF metal laser tube


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