Aircraft Carpet Laser Cutting Machine

Model No.: CJG-2101100LD


Cutting commercial and industrial carpet is another great CO2 laser application. In many cases, synthetic carpet is cut with little or no charring, and heat generated by the laser acts to seal edges to prevent fraying. Many specialized carpet installations in motor coaches, aircraft, and other small square-footage applications benefit from the precision and convenience of having the carpet precut on a large-area flatbed laser cutting system.


CJG-2101100LD  Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

Laser types

CO2 RF metal laser tube

Laser power


Cutting area

2100mm ×11000mm (82.7 in ×433 in)

Working table

Vacuum conveyor working table

Working speed


Positioning accuracy


Motion system

Servo motor control system, 5’’ LCD display panel

Cooling system

Constant temperature water chiller

Power supply

AC220V ± 5% 50Hz

Graphics format supported

AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.

Standard collocation

Exhaust fan, air blower, GOLDENLASER offline software

Optional collocation

Auto-feeding system, red light positioning system

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